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You are probably reading this page because of a very positive word-of-mouth referral and review from a satisfied parent, student, or MOE teacher.
Tuition In Singapore is an award-winning home tutor agency that focuses on helping students achieve their academic objectives through proven pedagogical methodology delivered by Singapore’s most admired General Paper private tuition teachers. We are Singapore's top private tutor agent.

Why Tuition In Singapore is the #1 Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

  • Daily, MOE teachers themselves hire our General Paper tutors to teach their own children
  • 95% of our General Paper tuition students achieve at least 1 grade improvement in under just 3 months
  • 85% had consistently maintained gains of over 15 marks, no matter where their starting points were
  • Underperforming tutors are excluded from our database
  • Latest MOE syllabus, current exam requirements and formats, important answering techniques
  • Acquire content mastery in General Paper by learning from acknowledged experts – who had scored A’s for their own exams
  • Exclusive, thorough, and comprehensive General Paper revision notes for all components of the syllabus
  • Highly productive lesson plans thoughtfully customized to your learning pace and grade goals
  • Every child can learn. You just need a better tutor
  • Target your weak areas, and remove misconceptions in General Paper
  • Spot and avoid the common mistakes
  • Access to top, premium General Paper tuition lessons at reasonable prices – guaranteed
  • Fast response rate – find your enthusiastic and dependable General Paper tutor within 6 hours (often, in under 3 hours) because we have Singapore’s largest team of active General Paper tutors
  • Commitment-free trial lessons to ensure the best tutor fit for you
  • No agency fees or hidden costs
  • Over 90% of our tuition teachers are graduated tutors
  • More than 20% of them have a Master’s, PhD or are NIE-trained MOE teachers
  • 8,300 experienced and qualified home tutors that specialize in teaching only General Paper, using results-focused teaching methods
Scoring strong distinctions can be a reality. We have Singapore’s best track record of helping students master General Paper.
We have done this since 2010, and we know exactly how to do it.

Making the decision to hire a General Paper tuition teacher AND FINDING THE RIGHT ONE can make all the difference in helping you get your grades back on target

general paper tuition

Tuition In Singapore is the most reliable
General Paper private tuition agent in Singapore

Achieve the coveted straight A's for General Paper, with Tuition In Singapore's high-quality, effective private tuition.

With more than 8,300 results-proven and committed tutors who specialize in teaching only General Paper tuition, our home tutors have successfully helped thousands of students.

Each of our motivated and responsible private tuition teachers have guided 95% of our students to achieve at least 1 grade improvement in under just 3 months.

85% had maintained consistent gains of over 15 marks.

Top-tier academic guidance and impactful methods that you can experience, starting today.

Since 2010, we include home tutors in our team only if they have at least 2 years of successful tutoring experience, are university undergraduates, have graduated from recognized universities, are NIE-trained/MOE teachers, have Master's, or PhD in the subject(s) they teach.

Your General Paper tuition teacher is well-versed with the latest syllabus, marking schemes, and exam stipulations.

They will explain the logic, structure and strategy behind fluently crafting an incisive answer that fully addresses the requirements.

You can learn how to counter difficult and unorthodox questions that are increasingly being tested in General Paper exams.

Parents and students tell us that we are the largest and most trusted General Paper tuition agency in Singapore.

We have been helping students all across Singapore consistently improve their grades at a fast pace, while ensuring that students have a great time learning.

Find the best tutors, and get the best tuition in Singapore with us.

Once you fill up the form, our professional team of ex-MOE teachers will send to you the profiles of the most qualified tutors according to your requirements and hourly budget range.

Within 6 hours.

Over 20+ consultants

Our friendly full-time tuition coordinators ensure that you receive excellent service for General Paper tuition. We listen attentively to your preferences


Singapore's most accomplished and professional home tuition teachers who specialize in teaching only General Paper. We can definitely find the perfect home tutor fit for you

6 hours

You will receive between 4 to over 10 General Paper tutor profiles that exactly match your requirements. Within 6 hours - and often in less than 3 hours


Commitment from our hardworking General Paper home tutors to ensure that your grades quickly improve. We always shortlist only outstanding home tutors for quality education and effective learning

We provide Singapore's highest-ranked General Paper tutor matching service for free

Gain the detailed knowledge and skills you need for important exams, or obtain expert guidance for your homework/assignments from respected private tutors in Singapore

Our tutors are highly experienced for in-person and online lessons, so you will never be missing out on either option

general paper tuition
Singapore Online Tutors

Many of the very popular and successful private tutors in Singapore conduct only online lessons because their schedules are completely packed. Tutors from Tuition In Singapore are so good at teaching online that students/parents insist that lessons be online!

general paper tuition
In -person Tuition

If you prefer face to face tuition, Tuition In Singapore has more than 52,000 qualified and experienced home tutors who teach in locations all across Singapore. Personalized support, encouragement, and motivation.

Hire the best General Paper tuition teachers to swiftly improve your grades. Guaranteed.

Over 70% of our clients are repeats (for different subjects/levels/children) or referrals. Because we always deliver excellent results. Since 2010.

Please let us know if you are the parent/guardian of the student or if you are a student looking for a tutor.
We will contact you via WhatsApp, for tutor matching purposes
Eg 2 hours each session, twice a week, Mondays anytime from 4pm to 7pm etc
The majority of tutors in Singapore currently prefer to conduct online lessons. Thus, if you are OK with lessons being held online, it is likely that there will be more experienced tutors who apply for your assignment.
If you prefer online lessons, please enter "nil" or "online lessons", thank you.
The information is only for tutor matching purposes, and is not included in our assignment invitation to the tutors.


You can request for a tutor by submitting our online Request Form.

Upon receiving your request, we will Whatsapp you to discuss your child’s academic needs. We will spend the next few hours shortlisting several suitable tutors within our database and network for your consideration.

Our working hours are from 9am to 9pm, seven days a week.

Tuition usually commences within one week after you have selected a tutor.


The paid trial lessons can be 1.5 hours or 2 hours per session.


You just need to pay for the tuition session(s) that have been conducted. There will not be any extra charges for the change.


You can request to see the hardcopies of certificates of your tutor to be presented to you during the first lesson.

The client acknowledges that it is his/her responsibility to verify the suitability, credentials and qualifications of any tutor with whom he/she engages.


Tuition In Singapore is Singapore’s leading private tuition agency and our matching service is free for students/parents requesting for tutors. This is because our agency commission is charged to the tutor, not to you.

The client will pay to Tuition In Singapore half of the fees payable in the first 4 calendar weeks. This amount is the commission to Tuition In Singapore for matching the tutor to the client, and will be borne by the tutor.

Thereafter, the client will pay the tuition fees directly to the tutor.

If lessons are postponed during the first two weeks, the commission payable to Tuition In Singapore will be based on the tuition session conducted the subsequent week(s).

The tutor shall collect all fees due to the tutor from the parent after the two weeks. Tuition In Singapore will not assist in any recovery of fees.


The client is required to pay tuition fees only for the number of hours of lessons given by the tutor.

If you decide to stop the tuition after the first lesson, you are required to pay for only that lesson.

Please transfer the fee for that lesson to Tuition In Singapore and we will transfer the tutor’s fee to him/her.

Tutors are not authorized at any time to collect the payment on Tuition In Singapore’s behalf.

Tuition fees are to be paid every 4 weeks to the tutor, unless otherwise agreed between the client and the tutor.


We will provide our bank account information for you to make payment via internet banking or ATM transfer directly to Tuition In Singapore’s bank account.

If the client fails to pay us, Tuition In Singapore reserves the right to terminate the Assignment. This is in fairness to the tutor, who might need to give the available slot to another client if this Assignment does not materialize.

Once the payment is received, it will be acknowledged in the form of a receipt, issued to the payer (Parent/Requestor/Guardian) via Whatsapp, sms, email or other electronic communications medium. We will also provide details of the Tuition Assignment that can include: tutor’s name, hourly fee, date of commencement of tuition, subject(s), level, duration of each lesson and frequency, etc.


Once the client accepts the tutor’s candidacy, the client will not be able to change the schedule of the First Lesson.

Clients are allowed to make changes in the schedule after the First Lesson is over. However, Tuition In Singapore hopes that this is not necessary as the tutor has already reserved that slot of time for you.

If you want to make changes in the schedule, please consult with your tutor to ask if he/she is able to change the schedule or not.

The tutor is to bring his/her identity document, academic transcripts/certificates and relevant documents for the First Lesson for verification purposes.

If the tutor is unable to conduct the First Lesson of a tuition assignment, the tutor must call Tuition In Singapore at least 3 business days before the actual lesson. If the tutor fails to notify Tuition In Singapore of his/her cancellation/postponement, an administrative charge of S$30 will be imposed on him/her.

If the tutor fails to contact Tuition In Singapore with a valid reason to inform us about the tutor’s absence from the lesson, the tutor’s profile at Tuition In Singapore may be blacklisted. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Tutors will conduct lessons at the student’s residence unless otherwise specified and agreed upon by both the client and the tutor.

If the client has a request for the tuition to be conducted at another location (eg a friend’s home), Tuition In Singapore will ask if the tutor is able to accommodate the request.

Tuition In Singapore and the tutor will not be responsible if the given location is occupied or not available for use for the lessons and the officially scheduled timings will still be counted as a paid lesson.


There is no obligation or contract to complete a fixed number of lessons, except for the First Lesson.

If at any time the client is not satisfied with the tutor, the client may request a replacement or termination. However, the client is responsible for paying the fee for the number of lessons given prior to termination.

Tuition In Singapore will discuss separately with the client and the tutor regarding future tuition arrangements, and Tuition In Singapore will change the tutor for the client. There will not be any extra charges for the change and the client needs to pay just for the tuition session(s) that have been conducted.

If the client cancels a tutoring assignment before the tutor completes the agreed number of lessons for the first 4 calendar weeks, Tuition In Singapore assumes full claim to 50% of the tuition fees for the total number of lessons delivered in the month. For example, if the client had requested for 8 lessons per month, but the assignment was cancelled after the 5th session, Tuition In Singapore will be paid pro-rated commission for the 5 lessons conducted.

Tuition In Singapore will not be liable for any payment charges or issues arising from the cancellation of tuition assignments by the client.

If the client terminates the Assignment because the tutor is often late, skips lessons without valid explanations etc, the tutor will bear Tuition In Singapore’s full commission fee.

If the tutor cancels the Assignment after confirming acceptance (that is, the client’s contact information and address have been given to the tutor), the tutor will need to compensate the commission which amounts to 50% of the fees payable (as stated in the confirmation Whatsapp, sms, email or other forms of electronic communications messages) for the first 4 weeks.

If the tutor wishes to cancel a Tuition Assignment before the end of the first 4 calendar weeks, the tutor is to inform both Tuition In Singapore as well as the client at least 3 days before the next lesson date. Tuition In Singapore will recover our legal share of the one-time commission of 50% of the fee for the first 4 calendar weeks from the tutor. Tutors are encouraged to have a long-term commitment as the clients have vested their trust in them.


The tutor will receive full or pro-rated payment for the number of lessons rendered, provided the tutor has complied with the Terms of this Agreement.

The client has the right to terminate the tuition if the tutor is unable to produce the documents certifying his/her credentials. In such cases, the tutor has to pay Tuition In Singapore the amount of money equivalent to the tuition fee for the day, as commission.


Tuition In Singapore is Singapore’s leading private tuition agency in Singapore. While we try to provide clients and tutors with the closest tutor match possible, we cannot guarantee a satisfying match. We hold no responsibility or liability for problems, unhappiness, or disputes that are a result of the tutor or client.

Tuition In Singapore will not act as an arbitrator for any disagreements that arise between tutor and client.

However, Tuition In Singapore may try to mediate whenever possible and reserves all rights to blacklist any party who is at fault. Tuition In Singapore also reserves the right to terminate or deny services to any client or tutor (actual or potential) at any time.


Users shall indemnify Tuition In Singapore, our subsidiaries, content contributors, sources, affiliates, officers, shareholders/directors, agents or other partners and employees, from all costs and expenses, claim, liabilities, (actual or consequential) of every kind and nature known and unknown, arising out of any use of the Website or Services.

Users acknowledge that Tuition In Singapore is not liable for direct, indirect, consequential or any other form of loss or damage that may be suffered by any users through the use of the website including loss of data or information or any kind of financial or physical loss or damage.


References to “Our”, “Us”, “We” and “Tuition In Singapore” shall be references to Tuition In Singapore.

References to “You”, “Your” and “Users” shall mean references to user(s) visiting this web site, as the context requires, for any reason regardless of whether you have a registered account.

References to “Tutor” or “Tutors” shall be references to user(s) who have registered. He/She has explicitly stated his/her interest in receiving tutoring assignments.

References to “Client”, or “Clients” shall be references to user(s) who formally makes a request to engage Tuition In Singapore’ services. He/She has explicitly stated his/her interest in hiring a tutor from us.

“First Month” refers to the first 4 weeks of active lessons, and is not based on the calendar month.

“Commission” refers to the amount Tuition In Singapore levies for a successfully matched tuition assignment.


At the point of time which the contact details of the client or tutor(s) are given to either party, Tuition In Singapore reserves all rights to collect the full commission. This is regardless of whether the tuition cancelled or postponed.


In view of the implementation of the recent Personal Data Protection Act, we require your explicit consent to contact you for tuition related matters. The client and the tutor explicitly agree to Tuition In Singapore and our network contacting you via Whatsapp, phone call, sms and/or other electronic communications channels to conduct tuition matches. By registering with Tuition In Singapore you have given us explicit consent to contact you through various electronic media, including Whatsapp, calling, and sms, etc.

Tuition In Singapore is the leading private tuition agency in Singapore, and we have placed thousands of reliable tutors with students at all academic levels and subjects, across Singapore.

Our experience in knowing what works and what does not ensures that all you need to do is let us know your requirements and preference.

Tutor matching is free, and the referral fee is charged to the tutor.

Most of our tutors have been a part of our network for many years. Semester after semester, they guide our students through unexpectedly difficult exams, projects or assignments.

As Singapore’s leading private tuition agency, we are able to immediately tap on our expertise and network to recommend reliable and experienced professional tutors to you.

Tuition can start within this week.

Our expert tutors can help your child organize their time, prioritize the different assignments and sequence of knowledge, and develop critical thinking and time management skills.

Learn the correct study skills and academic content from Singapore’s leading private tuition agency.

While learning the content is very important to scoring higher grades, the attitude of tutors and their students plays a major role.

As Singapore’s leading private tuition agency, we are particularly careful about compatibility, because your child has no time to waste when you want to prepare him or her for better academic performance.

Tuition In Singapore has a team of qualified tutors who specialize in teaching university and polytechnic level modules, for undergraduate students who need private tuition and are studying at NUS, NTU, SMU and universities with a presence in Singapore.

We are able to recommend the ideal tutor to you because the Tuition In Singapores in Singapore have joined our team.

Tuition In Singapore is Singapore’s largest private tuition agency.

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General Paper Tuition in Singapore

What to expect from Tuition In Singapore's General Paper tuition teachers

Quality matching

Over 90% of our tutors are graduates. More than 20% of them have a Master's, PhD or are NIE-trained MOE teachers.
Our strict shortlisting process ensures only the top list of tutors make it to you.

Expert tutors who deliver improved grades

Every day, MOE teachers themselves hire our tutors to teach their own children.
Cultivate your ability to answer non-routine, unexpectedly difficult questions, while giving precise answers that earn you higher marks.

Choose your ideal tutor from our database of 8,300+ competent General Paper tuition teachers

Overcome academic obstacles anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.
We will systematically guide you along the arduous journey of demystifying and conquering General Paper.

The most trusted tuition agency in Singapore

Since 2010, parents and students have entrusted their academic success to us. They know that our home tutors give clear explanations, and are committed to helping students gain 10 to 30 marks for their exams.

Experienced professional tutors

More than 52,000+ experienced tutors have registered with Tuition In Singapore. They have at least 2 years of tutoring experience - whether in private tutoring, tuition centres, or have MOE teaching experience. The tuition teacher that you choose will the best of the best.

Achieve your academic goals, enter the university/major of your choice

Give yourself a rewarding advantage throughout your school years. Confidently establish a smoother path to higher grades. Broaden your horizons, so that you can have greater assurance that you will be accepted into the university and major that you have selected.

Get excellent profiles in less than 6 hours

You will receive between 4 to over 10 profiles of General Paper tuition teachers with solid track records of helping their students’ grades improve. Our team of 20+ professional full-time tuition agents (who are led by ex-MOE teachers) will send to you the profiles of the most qualified and successful tutors according to your hourly budget range. We listen attentively to your requirements.

Detailed guidance for General Paper Paper 1 and Paper 2

Your GP tutor will teach how to articulate your knowledge of current affairs, global and local events, as well as methods to demonstrate your strong linguistic ability in the comprehension paper.
Acquire deep thinking skills, rigorous questions practice, and immersive learning, through General Paper enrichment.
Spot and understand the interrelationship between topics.

Realistic tuition rates

Don't get overcharged if you ever hire tutors who are underqualified for the assignment. Our professional tutors have between 2 to over 30 years of relevant tutoring experience, and quote the hourly rate that other parents are paying them.

Reasonable And Affordable Tuition Fees

Home Tuition Rates Singapore

Our 1 to 1 tuition rates are constantly updated in real-time based on rates quoted by experienced and qualified home tutors in Singapore.
These market rates are based on the average monthly tuition assignment applications over a pool of 52,000+ active home tutors.

Our General Paper tuition teacher matching service is free, and students only need to pay for lessons that were conducted. 

General Paper tuition teachers in Singapore decide on their own hourly rates. 

Their charges are typically determined by the number of years of private tutoring experience, the level of education, and the ability and confidence to improve students’ grades.

The General Paper tuition market in Singapore is highly competitive and transparent.

Parents are aware that the better-qualified tutors are more likely to apply for the private tutor assignment when their projected budget is in line with the industry range.

The prices listed here represent the typical range of fees charged by seasoned General Paper tuition teachers with a solid track record.

Tuition In Singapore represents only university undergraduates, graduated tutors, MOE teachers, and university lecturers with excellent track records

Part-Time/Undergraduate Tutor Rates

  • Primary School Tuition Rates $30/hr to $55/hr
  • Secondary School Tuition Rates $35/hr to $55/hr
  • JC Year 1 Tuition Rates $40/hr - $55/hr
  • JC Year 2 Tuition Rates $45/hr - $55/hr
  • IB Tuition Rates $45/hr - $55/hr

Full-Time/Graduated Tutor Rates

  • Primary School Tuition Rates $35/hr to $55/hr
  • Secondary School Tuition Rates $35/hr to $65/hr
  • JC Year 1 Tuition Rates $45/hr - $70/hr
  • JC Year 2 Tuition Rates $45/hr - $70/hr
  • IB Tuition Rates $55/hr - $70/hr

MOE/PhD/Master's Tutor Rates

  • Primary School Tuition Rates $50/hr to $65/hr
  • Secondary 1 to 3 Tuition Rates $55/hr to $75/hr
  • Secondary 4 to 5 Tuition Rates $55/hr to $75/hr
  • JC Year 1 Tuition Rates $80/hr - $110/hr
  • JC Year 2 Tuition Rates $80/hr - $110/hr

General Paper home tuition

Tuition In Singapore offers the following:

Junior College / JC:

JC1 General Paper tuition
JC2 General Paper tuition
H1 General Paper tuition
A Level General Paper tuition

The Tuition In Singapore Leadership Team

general paper tuition
general paper tuition
general paper tuition

Olivia Chan
Academic Director,
Tuition In Singapore
King’s College,
Cambridge University (Mathematical Sciences/Applied Mathematics, PhD)

Edward Chong
Head of Math & The Sciences,
Tuition In Singapore
National University of Singapore,
(Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics)

Stephanie Lim
Head of Languages & The Humanities, Tuition In Singapore
Nanyang Technological University-National Institute of Education

Ng Tian Yi
Director of Administration,
Tuition In Singapore
Singapore Management University, Master of Business Administration

A warm welcome!

Let academic success become a habit.

Hello, I’m Olivia Chan (PhD, King’s College, Cambridge University – Mathematical Sciences/Applied Mathematics).

I am the Academic Director of Tuition In Singapore, and the team leader of a group of former MOE teachers who serve as tuition consultants and coordinators.

Daily, MOE teachers themselves hire our tutors to teach their own children.

Tuition In Singapore has the largest active tutor database.

We are home to More than 52,000+ experienced tutors in Singapore to suit your academic requirements.

Tuition In Singapore has grown so large since 2010 because parents trust that the tutors that we recommend to them are able to deliver as promised.

There is no point in spending time and money on tuition if your child’s grades do not improve, or if the learning is not enriching.

The best tuition teachers in Singapore want to join our team because they are aware that we have a strong pipeline of tuition assignments every day for them to apply to.

With such a large community of professional home tutors, Tuition In Singapore is able to secure a satisfactory tutor match for you within 6 hours, based on the student’s academic level, curriculum knowledge, grade goals, and budget.

Since 2010, we have been exclusively representing high quality and committed tutors comprising graduates (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD), MOE teachers, and university undergraduates.

We accept tutor applications only when the candidate has 2 to more than 30 years of successful home tutoring or teaching experience in the subject that they are teaching.

Underperforming tutors are excluded from our database.

Our home tutors have helped thousands of students, and each of our credible and responsible private tuition teachers have guided 95% of our General Paper students to achieve at least 1 grade improvement in under just 3 months.  

85% of our students had consistently maintained gains of more than 15 marks, no matter where their starting points were.

We are familiar with the latest exam requirements, answering techniques, and the most current MOE syllabus.

Our home tutors are the most popular in Singapore because of their unbeatable in-depth expertise.

We understand that time is precious, and we want to give you peace of mind.

Making the appropriate preparations to support your child’s adaptation to the current MOE syllabus and latest exam requirements is crucial in ensuring a smooth transition to higher grade bands.

Our services are completely free, and we take pride in successfully matching our clients with the most appropriate and best-qualified tutors.

All matches are tailored to the student’s level of proficiency and learning pace.

As proficient and dedicated tuition teachers, we give targeted guidance, clear and precise explanations, as well as customize meticulous lesson plans that provide comprehensive tools and positive results for knowledge retention of every segment of the examination syllabus.

Achieving excellent exam grades can be a steep climb for students who may not be receiving adequate supervision in school, and our private tutors provide all-rounded support to you every step of the way.

We understand the challenges that come with academic difficulties, and we are here to help you get ahead of your peers.

Tuition In Singapore is the leading tuition agency for parents, guardians and students looking for home/private tutors for all difficulty levels at primary school, secondary school, junior college, polytechnic and university levels.

Partner with Tuition In Singapore, and bridge the gap between having to struggle and being confidently proficient.

Together, we can turn disappointments into distinctions.

Our fans say the nicest things

Here are some of the many happy students/parents and guardians who have hired
General Paper tuition teachers from the best private tutor agency in Singapore

Jia Yi Leong

Hwa Chong Institution

Admittedly, my Chinese is better than my English. I also think in Chinese. So switching over to analyzing and expressing myself properly in English for GP has not been easy. Ms Goh is also bilingual like me, and she taught me how to translate my “Chinese thoughts” into essays that read very well. I scored an A for my GP at A Levels, and it was all because of the writing techniques that Ms Goh taught me.

Mukti Chugani

Tampines Meridian Junior College

I should have put in more effort into practicing argumentative writing when I was in secondary school, because those skills would be useful for GP Paper 1. My hope is to be able to join the civil service after I finish uni, so being able to write position papers would be important. Mr Govid used to teach at a top tuition center and he taught me how to improve in my Paper 1 and Paper 2. I am in the Law faculty now at NUS.

Catherine Chia

St Andrew’s Junior College

Uni is just a little over a year away from now. I plan to major in Econs at SMU, NTU or NUS. I heard from my seniors who are already in uni that I need to put in lots of effort into writing well, so GP would be a good way to start. My mum chose Ms Sherlyn Tang because she has a Master’s in Economics and I could find out from her if I really want to major in Econs. I scored A for GP at A Levels, and I have applied for the Econs course at SMU.

Mr Tiong


It is very difficult to find a good tutor for General Paper tuition in Singapore. Other tuition agencies showed me profiles but I could not find any suitable General Paper tutor from them. Tuition In Singapore showed us 7 profiles of excellent tutors and it was difficult to decide. Mr Kho specializes in JC General Paper tuition for students from the top JCs so we chose him. My daughter attends Eunoia Junior College, where things are competitive. Fortunately, Mr Kho has helped her get amazing grades all these months.

Ivy Yew

Nanyang Junior College

I found out the hard way that it’s not too difficult to fail GP. I did that in the first few months of JC and was completely mortified. My brother told me that I definitely need a good General Paper tutor to guide me. He found his Physics tutor from Tuition In Singapore, so I contacted them. Ms Felicia calmly went through all the basics that I needed to master in order for my grades to improve. My first C grade was very welcome. I scored a B for GP at the end of JC1, and managed an A for my A Levels.

Khai Xin Wang

Anglo Chinese Junior College

Sometimes, I do well for Paper 1 and do badly for Paper 2. On other days, I do well for Paper 2 and do terribly for Paper 1. Of course, I need to be more steady and did not know how to improve. Ms Corvene was a contract teacher at junior colleges and she taught me how to write on topics that I know, as well as am not entirely familiar with. My Paper 2 also has been doing much better now that she is giving me useful and relevant tips.

Learn effective study techniques

Our General Paper tuition teachers are familiar with the most recent MOE syllabus, current exam requirements and latest marking schemes. Each tutoring session is customized to fit your learning preferences, homework objectives, and desired exam grades.

Optimum tutor matches

We will present General Paper tuition teacher profiles to you only when they have a strong track record of helping their students’ grades improve by 10 to 30 marks.

Accurate matches for General Paper tuition

The experienced full-time tuition coordinators who are in charge of your General Paper tuition assignment hold Bachelor’s degrees from the best local universities and had attended good schools themselves. They majored in the same subject that you are seeking tuition in. Their team leaders are former MOE teachers.

Tuition In Singapore is therefore able to meticulously look for the qualities that a competent General Paper tuition teacher must possess, in order for us to consider shortlisting him/her for your General Paper tutoring assignment.

general paper tuition

You can perform better than your competitors after effective General Paper tuition teachers guide you in the correct exam techniques and study skills

Compete against your classmates/cohort - and win

We live in a hyper-competitive world. Even if you don’t want to proactively compete, others do.

And the truth remains that you are in competition against a large number of students from your school and from other schools for the same desirable courses and spots at universities.

Demand will always outpace supply for the top (or better) academic institutions, classes, and courses.

Students with average grades sometimes have to enroll in less prestigious universities and majors.

Being in certain academic tracks often determines one’s career choices and opportunities, which in turn eventually affects the types of lifestyles we are able to lead.

Difficult exam questions - why it's happening

More and more students are able to correctly answer increasingly harder questions year after year. 

You are likely to have come across questions that were much easier in the Ten Year Series than what students from other top schools are required to answer in their exams in recent months. 

Because so many students are able to answer challenging questions, the creators of exams at schools/SEAB/MOE are forced to include increasingly more difficult questions in order to distinguish between the top and the average students in each cohort.  

As a result, when it is your turn to take the exam, the questions will be substantially harder.

In a way, it’s a vicious circle. 

Parents want to hire qualified private tutors to better prepare their children to compete against their peers since everyone is concerned that the exam questions will be more complex when it is their turn to take the exam. The students work harder in class and during tuition, and succeed in getting good grades.

Because the students were so well-prepared and achieve good results for the exams, the exam papers and results are then scrutinized.

After the exam papers and results are analyzed, it is determined that the questions are too simple because the students were so well-prepared and, on the whole, received decent grades as a result of hiring competent home tutors.

This then makes it necessary that the questions for the following year be increasingly harder in order for the exams to be able to distinguish who should get A’s or B’s.

And this makes it much more important for parents to hire effective private tutors in order for their children to catch up sufficiently.

Parents will do all in their power (as loving parents) to give their children that competitive edge because the goal is to do better than the other person rather than just to obtain a specific grade.

Also, it’s not just about keeping up with other students with better grades, but also to make sure their children don’t feel “stupid’’ or “left out’’ and end up really hating the subject just because others are so good at it.

For many students, the most effective confidence builders are good grades.

Get a private teacher who can focus on your child’s areas of weakness.

Encourage your child not to fall behind. It’s is crucial for their future.

general paper tuition13
general paper tuition
general paper tuition15

Effective General Paper Home Tuition

What are the topics and skills covered by Tuition In Singapore's General Paper tutors?

Junior College / JC 1 / JC 2

MOE syllabus and exam format/requirements General Paper

Candidates examine issues of local, regional and global significance, drawing on current affairs as well as general knowledge related to:
– society and culture
– economics
– politics
– the arts and humanities
– science and technology
– the environment
• Questions will be general in nature and require candidates to draw on their knowledge from across disciplines to show an awareness of significant local/regional/global issues and demonstrate understanding at a conceptual level
– Three passages of continuous prose will be set. The passages will allow for comparative analysis
– There will be a range of questions on the passages, requiring candidates to demonstrate their ability to comprehend, infer, analyse, evaluate, summarise and synthesise
and much more…

Constant General Paper improvement

Skills taught by Tuition In Singapore's General Paper tutors

  • Building a stronger foundation in General Paper
  • Methods to remember General Paper content 
  • Techniques to answer data-response questions
  • Retrieving relevant content when responding to questions that require long-form essay answers
  • Perfect your essay writing skills, broaden your knowledge base, express your thought cogently, think critically to better understand the world around you, foster a critical awareness of various political, economic, and social issues
  • Accurate understanding and appraisal of what the exam questions actually require the student to do
  • Time management strategies and proven exam techniques
  • Apply knowledge and concepts to determine, analyse, establish, predict, and solve when faced with difficult application questions for assignments and exams
  • Construct concise and well-organized arguments that are backed by evidence
primary english tutors

JC H1 GP tuition

JC1 General Paper tuition
JC2 General Paper tuition

JC H1 GP tutors

Most junior college students agree that General Paper is one of the hardest subjects to score well in.

This H1 subject often requires that you put in as much effort as you would for a H3 subject.

Tuition In Singapore has 8,300+ experienced and qualified home tutors who specialize in teaching only General Paper.

Over 90% of our home tuition teachers are graduated tutors.

More than 20% of them have a Master’s, PhD or are NIE-trained MOE teachers.

Underperforming tutors are excluded from our database.

Since 2010, Tuition In Singapore has been the leading General Paper tuition agency in Singapore, according to parents and students.

JC H1 GP demands a stronger command of the English language that what secondary school students had prepared for in their SEC / O Levels.

Even if they had scored an A consistently for English in primary school and secondary school, junior college students are required to demonstrate their critical thinking abilities and general knowledge (current affairs, societal trends) when writing the Paper 1 GP essay.

General Paper private tutors from Tuition In Singapore cover both content, as well as skills-based techniques that enable you to score maximum marks in Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Some themes that commonly appear in GP Paper 1 include historical, social, cultural, economic, political, philosophical, scientific, mathematical, geographical, literary topics, as well as issues of local interest and global concern.

When you read in order to enhance your general knowledge, you also need to memorize highlights of what you had read because it is necessary to support the key points that you write in your JC H1 GP essay with detailed and specific, concrete examples.

General and brief examples might give you pass marks, but never a distinction.

You should aim for a minimum of 2 to 3 high quality examples in support of your argument, for each main point that you make.

Every week or every fortnight, choose 1 to 3 topics that you are particularly interested in so that you can consistently read and research the ideas that are found in those articles.

Using the information that you have obtained, write essays that are related to these themes.

When you have a clear grasp of these examples, you can adapt and use them in more than one essay question.

Studying issues that you are passionate and motivated about also makes General Paper a lot more interesting, and gives you a better chance at scoring well.

Practicing writing GP essays is important because it allows you to experiment with different argumentative, inference, paraphrasing, and language usage techniques – as well as examine concepts and issues that are related to the themes that interest you.

Remember that is important that you organize your arguments coherently and logically – while providing relevant examples and facts that substantiate your perspectives.

Rehearse your methods to critically evaluate information, as well as the lines of reasoning that you write in the essay topics for your Paper 1.

Find authors whose writing styles and analyses you admire, so that you can draw inspiration from them when answering composition and comprehension question types.

Through cultivating in-depth analysis of issues using different points of view, you can decide if your originally-held view is plausible, or practical.

You can then either reinforce that view with additional factual supporting information, or you can use the information to construct balanced points of view – while presenting your unbiased opinions in your essay.

Very crucially, you need to analyze the questions carefully.

If you ever misinterpret the question and therefore give answers that are completely off-point, you will waste valuable marks.

You should therefore remember to highlight or underline the keywords and phrases that indicate the topic and question types.

Make sure that whatever you write in response to the words you highlight will meet the requirements of that question.

Work on your English language – particularly your grammar and sentence structure.

Make sure that the words that you choose actually mean what you think they mean, and that there are no careless mistakes.

Instead of using fancy vocabulary and trite phrases, you will be able score better when you keep your answers simple and to the point.

Many students have scored an A for the General Paper.

It is likely that they were taught by high quality JC H1 GP tutors from Tuition In Singapore.

Score your A in GP, and be accepted in the university and major of your choice.

general paper tuition

What are the challenges faced by General Paper students in Singapore?

Main obstacles

  • Some students rely on memory work, and hope that they might be able to pass or even get an A for General Paper
  • Over-reliance on pure rote learning does not work well in General Paper because examiners are looking at a student’s ability to think critically and analytically 
  • You therefore need to develop your own original thoughts, and arrive at your own conclusions
  • General Paper also requires you to read and write more broadly than you were previously accustomed to
  • Some of your peers may not know where and how to start preparing, and find that their efforts have become unfocused, inefficient, and ineffective
  • Many students struggle to sustain an interest in daily reading. In General Paper, you will need to come up with examples to support your writing. Ideas and examples come from having good knowledge of current affairs. Students who read broadly tend to do better in GP.
  • Junior college students with weaker language skills will have to contend with finding the right words and phrases to express their ideas
  • Even students who scored an A for their O Level / SEC might write essays that contain spelling and grammar errors because the topics they are writing on in GP is very different from the writing style and requirements of secondary school English
  • Anyone who has limited vocabulary that can meet the answering requirements of GP Paper 1 and Paper will find it difficult to paraphrase well
  •  It is not enough to simply know how to write an essay or how to answer comprehension questions
  • General Paper requires you to demonstrate your knowledge of current affairs, global and local events, as well as a strong linguistic ability in your comprehension paper
  • You need to be equipped with critical and inventive thinking skills and the sophisticated use of the English language for effective communication
  • On some days, you will find that you have insufficient time and energy to keep with local and international affairs
  • Some students spent a lot of time on General Paper homework, the creation of notes, and exam preparation – but the results are not satisfactory, and the student is not able to find out what is wrong


1. Attentive guidance that is exclusively focused on your academic needs

With a Tuition In Singapore General Paper tutor, you will have customized General Paper lessons that are purposefully structured so that your grades can improve in time for the A Level exams to assuredly score an A. Your General Paper tuition teacher has between 2 to over 30 years of General Paper teaching or tutoring experience. This expert will patiently explain each of the areas that you are puzzled about, so that you gain enough clarity in order to be able to link all of the language skills and content. This is vital, because most of the exam questions now require strong application skills. If you are not able to link what you have learned and apply the information to real-life problems, you will lose valuable marks and score only borderline passes.

2. Use up-to-date General Paper resources

To do well in General Paper, you are expected to assimilate and recall a large amount of current affairs developments that are taught across topics that commonly include:

  • Historical, social, cultural, economic, political and philosophical topics
  • Science – including its history, philosophy, general principles, current developments and applications
  • Mathematical and geographical topics
  • Literature and language
  • Arts and crafts
  • Topics of local interest and global concern

Hire a respected and reliable tutor who can thoroughly explain all required and interlinked MOE-SEAB General Paper skills and content using summary sheets, mind maps and practice exercises, so that you are armed with the correct knowledge and answering techniques before you enter the exam hall.

3. General Paper can be easy to score in

Just as there are students struggling in General Paper, there also are students who manage to score A’s. Some of these A-scoring students might have a natural flair in languages and analyzing general knowledge developments. Most of them are likely to have found excellent General Paper tuition teachers who mentored them to success. We are quite sure that many of the students who scored distinctions at their A Levels had hired General Paper tuition teachers from Tuition In Singapore.

4. Optional passion for General Paper

Whether or not you want to develop a genuine interest in General Paper and turn critical thinking and analysis into a life-long hobby, you need to do well in General Paper exams first. To get that A (or B), you first need to have an academic mentor who has scored an A at their own national exams, majored in English/closely-related General Paper subject, and has a solid track record of helping their students succeed. Tuition In Singapore has 8,300+ private home tutors who specialize in teaching only General Paper. We have all the expert resources and resource persons you need in order to score your A (now, you see why you don’t have to aim for a B).

5. Aim for an A for General Paper

Whether you want a career in communications, public relations, law, manufacturing or public policy, scoring an A for as many subjects as possible is completely necessary. General Paper forms a part of the aggregate score you need to progress toward your career and lifestyle goals. Make sure you score an A.

general paper tuition

What are the benefits of engaging General Paper home tutors through Tuition In Singapore?

Grades can change your future

Why is getting good General Paper tutors so important?

General Paper  is certainly an important component of the subjects that we study in junior college.

Many of the students who need General Paper tutoring contact Tuition In Singapore because of disappointments with the scores given to them by their General Paper teacher in school.

Some of them become unmotivated because they feel that they had already put in so much effort but still don’t understand what is required of them.

They start to have low self-esteem, which then leads to lower than acceptable grades.

This vicious cycle will aggravate the poor impression that any student already has of General Paper by the time they reach out to Tuition In Singapore.

General Paper tuition teachers from Tuition In Singapore have strong academic qualifications and familiarity with the latest exam requirements.

They can give you the most technically correct explanation of the sophisticated content in your textbooks.

The lesson plan will be from your vantage point – using examples of what you already know to build on and fortify how you grasp the content from each chapter.

Learning is like going up a spiral staircase: you revisit the same angles, and as long as you are always climbing up, each time you do revisit an angle, you are at a higher level of understanding.

Whether you are already quietly competent – or not yet near anywhere proficient – our General Paper tuition teachers know the syllabus thoroughly and can help you relate to the material.

General Paper tuition teachers from Tuition In Singapore present information in an obvious, simple, clear, sequential, patient, and organized manner, and we have the talent to explain things that meet the needs of students with various learning styles and speeds, capabilities, and interest in General Paper.

We are confident in our knowledge of General Paper, application answering techniques, and how to build memory skills.

These are the reasons why 95% of our General Paper tuition students achieve at least 1 grade improvement in under just 3 months.

Underperforming tutors are excluded from our database.

You are probably reading this page because of a very positive word-of-mouth referral and review from a satisfied parent, student, or MOE teacher.

Their sense of accomplishment comes from having a strong mastery of the content taught by General Paper tuition teachers from Tuition In Singapore.

Make your goal of having an A for your General Paper a reality, starting today.

And just the fact that you’re looking to improve your General Paper grades is an auspicious sign of future success!

Choosing the right General Paper tuition

What are the 7 most important criteria to look for in a General Paper tutor?

1. Qualifications and competence in teaching General Paper

A good General Paper tuition teacher has a solid education. They have themselves gone through rigorous coursework, and had acquired field experience in learning the core topics taught in General Paper, where they had opportunities to demonstrate their mastery of – and ability to apply – the subject material that they have covered throughout their Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD. They have accumulated materials and study tips that they will now teach you. They are able to show you exciting discoveries and exam-related knowledge during General Paper tuition lessons.

2. Familiarity with the latest MOE syllabus and exam requirements/marking scheme

The best educators aren’t just interested in teaching – they also have an infectious passion for General Paper, which is reflected in their enthusiasm and engagement as General Paper tuition teachers. Education is an intensely collaborative field by nature, involving constant interplay between students, teachers, family members and tuition teachers – all of whom want the student to do better in General Paper. Our tutors deliver invaluable insights, reminding their students of the real-world challenges they will be facing when learning new information and when answering complicated exam application questions using the current MOE syllabus. The latest exam marking scheme rewards students with superior critical thinking skills that extract relevant data, analyze possible answers, and coherently present the information within tight time constraints.

3. Quality experience in teaching students of similar levels

As seasoned educators who each have between 2 to over 30 years of General Paper tuition teaching experience, our tutors had taught an extraordinarily wide range of students. Tuition In Singapore will show you profiles of tutors who have taught similar academic levels (eg JC1 or JC2), as well as competence levels (eg weak JC1 mastery or consistent A-scoring IP student) as the student, so that the General Paper tutor can teach appropriate content and beneficial study methods starting from the first lesson.

4. Ability to provide additional learning resources for General Paper

With years of successful experience in teaching students from a variety of schools, professional General Paper tuition teachers from Tuition In Singapore can identify which are the most useful materials that their General Paper students must currently use, based on their prevailing skills and grade aspirations. The tutor will then guide the student on the expected outcomes from practicing these worksheets/exam papers, and teach them how to construct the type of notes that are perfected by students who are able to score A’s. Our students will learn how to be innovative, think outside the box, and be able to derive novel solutions to uncommon challenges that appear in exam questions. We thoroughly familiarize our students to be prepared for a wide spectrum of question types in their exams. These methods are imperative roadmaps for how weaker or even high-scoring General Paper students can achieve higher grades.

5. Devoted focus and committed guidance

General Paper tuition teachers from Tuition in Singapore make efforts to understand the root issue that is causing a student to fall behind their peers, perform more poorly than they used to, or lose enthusiasm for doing well in General Paper. We seek feedback, encourage honesty, provide ways for students to contact our tutors easily, and are attentive during lessons because we want to effectively diagnose and help our students overcome their unique obstacles, struggles, and challenges. Being empathetically adaptable and patiently flexible allows us to continuously evaluate what is working for our students – who might sometimes be affected by stress or indecision. When our students develop a growth mindset, they will be convinced that challenges and obstacles in General Paper are not insurmountable nor overwhelming.

6. Ability to spot weaknesses quickly

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and have different skill sets and challenges. They also have heavy workloads from school for General Paper and the other subjects that they are taking. Our tutors have sterling credentials and knowledge that can help their students overcome weak skills, refine strong ones or develop new abilities. Students’ needs change over time. With clear communication, we productively learn about our students, how they evaluate and remember information, and what challenges or motivates them most. We have robust problem-solving skills to address a wide range of impediments to learning, while keeping them organized, engaged, and on-task.

7. Substantial track record of helping their students achieve exam success

General Paper tuition teachers from Tuition In Singapore have thorough, extensive and in-depth knowledge of the latest MOE syllabus. We have grown to be Singapore’s Number 1 General Paper tuition agency because of our effective tutoring methods and our consistent ability to attract Singapore’s best General Paper tutors to join our team. Over 70% of our clients are repeats or referrals. Because we always deliver excellent results. Since 2010.

Get the best deals when hiring a General Paper tuition teacher

Three easy ways to ensure successful grade improvement:

Reduce tutoring requirements

The availability of tutors and their qualifications affect tuition costs. 

The more requirements you have, the harder it is to find a tutor who will respond to your assignment.

The usual specifications include things like gender, a mix of subjects, a budget, a schedule, etc.

You should shortlist the requirements that are most crucial to you.

For instance, if you only want female tuition teachers, your options are cut in half.

It is also a good idea to hire two different tutors to teach two distinct subjects, even if they themselves scored As in both of the subjects you require tuition for. 

This is because most tuition teachers are really skilled at teaching just one subject.

Major national exams

Higher hourly fees are often quoted by tutors who specialize in or have extensive experience teaching students preparing for the high-stakes PSLE, SEC, GCE O Levels, and GCE A Levels.

This is because there has to be a lot of work put into exam preparation, material revision, and, if necessary, getting the student to unlearn study habits that have been resulting in poor grades in past years.

Good tutors typically avoid teaching graduating-year students after the March holidays since they will need to rush and  intensely cram a lot of material within a short period of time in order to appropriately prepare the student.

Parents therefore prefer to choose a dependable General Paper tuition teacher at least a year before the important National Examinations.


We encourage our clients to be realistic with the tuition budget that they would like to work within.

The hourly tuition rates are neither regulated nor changed by Tuition In Singapore.

Tutors with proven track records that consistently deliver A grades, tuition teachers with many years of experience, and MOE teachers are already accepting assignments within a certain hourly rate.

These tutors are unlikely to accept prices that are lower than their existing rates due to the constant high demand for their services and waiting lists.

General Paper tuition near me?

Benefit from effective General Paper tuition at the convenience of your home today.
Tuition In Singapore provides General Paper home tuition in all locations across Singapore.
8,300 General Paper tutors from Tuition In Singapore can guide you toward an A, starting this week.

Our accomplishment

Tuition In Singapore – The #1 General Paper Home Tutor Agency in Singapore

Tuition In Singapore understands that given the fast-paced nature of the General Paper syllabus, staying organized and developing better time management skills are paramount.

General Paper isn’t a subject for last-minute cramming.

Consistent revision and staying current with coursework can reduce stress when doing homework/projects, and during examination periods.

While student life in Singapore poses its fair share of challenges, it is also a period of expansive growth and self-discovery.

With the right strategies and mindset, you can successfully navigate the years in school, and also come out of it with cherished memories, valuable skills, and a clearer sense of direction for the future.

Select your ideal General Paper tutor from our range of more than 8,300+ experienced, high-quality tutors who specialize in teaching only General Paper tuition.

Since 2010, we include home tutors in our team only if they have at least 2 years of successful tutoring experience, are university undergraduates, have graduated from recognized universities, are NIE-trained/MOE teachers, have Master’s, or PhD in the subject(s) they teach.

Daily, MOE teachers themselves hire our tutors to teach their own children.

You need to perform well on General Paper if:

  • You are interested in General Paper. However, no matter how hard you try, your grades have not improved satisfactorily, and you have difficulty applying what you have learnt to answer the questions adequately
  • Your child often complains about the difficult and complex General Paper syllabus and is starting to (or already) dislike General Paper
  • You want to pursue a career in a field that requires strong analytical abilities such as Communications, Education or Law, and need to maintain a strong A grade
  • You require thorough test preparation because you are taking General Paper  at the upcoming A Level exams
  • You are tired of not understanding General Paper, and are getting poor results for it

Tuition In Singapore accepts only qualified, patient, and experienced General Paper tutors with a track record of improving students’ grades.

We can find the best General Paper tutor for you within 6 (and sometimes, 3) hours. Just let us know your requirements.

General Paper mastery is a valuable asset

Knowledge itself is a very important asset.

Learning more about General Paper will improve both your knowledge – and your grades.

Confidence during your exams

You do not want to end up being assigned courses or a tertiary institute that is your 3rd or 4th choice because you lost out by just a few marks in your A-Level exams.

Your classmates managed to score good grades for General Paper. It is likely that this was because they managed to hire a good General Paper tutor in time for them to do intensive revision and preparation for the exams.

Career opportunities requiring strong General Paper grades

Career opportunities in Law, Education, Journalism and Marketing are attractive and very lucrative.

Scoring good grades in General Paper is therefore useful to you, when you want to broaden your career options.

Score an A for General paper

You can succeed in General Paper only if you have a firm grasp of the essential concepts that are the foundation of the exam formats and  marking scheme requirements.

Every year, students rely on Tuition In Singapore because we help them, their siblings, and their friends get better grades.
What sets us apart from other tutor services is our ability to carefully and professionally match you with the General Paper tuition teacher who can guide you to obtaining an A.

Start effective home tuition - achieve 1 to 3 grade gains in:

Hire the best private tuition teachers in Singapore

Others envy the good results that only our home tutors can deliver
We are proud to be Singapore’s #1 Home Tuition Agency
Our friendly team looks forward to serving you
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