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Tuition In Singapore is among the most reliable tuition agents in Singapore

With over 44,000 tutors in our database, we are among the largest and most reliable tuition agents in Singapore and have been helping students all across Singapore improve their grades at a great pace while ensuring students have a great time learning

Find the best tutors to get the best tuition in Singapore with us. Once you fill up the form, our professional team of Ex-MOE teachers will send profiles to you of the most qualified tutors according to your hourly range.

Tuition In Singapore is the leading tuition agencies in Singapore for parents, guardians and students looking for home/ private tutors in Singapore. Our services are completely free, and we take pride in successfully matching our clients with the most appropriate and qualified tutors.


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We Provide Singapore's Most Superior Tutor Matching Service For Free

Online Tuition

Gain the knowledge needed for important exams or even in general with online tuition lessons with Tuition In Singapore. Our tutors are so good in teaching online that most students prefer lessons to be online!

Hire the best in person tutors across Singapore
In Person Tuition

If you prefer face to face tuition do not worry as Tuition In Singapore has a great number of in-person tutors all across Singapore! Our tutors are well trained for in-person and online lessons so you will never be missing out on either option!

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Part-Time/Undergraduate Tuition Rates

$30-$55 / hour
  • Primary School Tuition Rates $30/hr to $55/hr
  • Secondary School Tuition Rates $35/hr to $55/hr
  • JC Tuition Rates $40/hr - $55/hr
  • IB Tuition Rates $45/hr - $55/hr

Full-Time/Graduated Tuition Rates

$35-$70 / hour
  • Primary School Tuition Rates $35/hr to $55/hr
  • Secondary School Tuition Rates $35/hr to $65/hr
  • JC Year 1 Tuition Rates $45/hr - $70/hr
  • JC Year 2 Tuition Rates $45/hr - $70/hr
  • IB Tuition Rates $55/hr - $70/hr

Ex/Current MOE/NIE Tuition Rates

$50-$110 / hour
  • Primary School Tuition Rates $50/hr to $65/hr
  • Secondary 1 to 3 Tuition Rates $55/hr to $75/hr
  • Secondary 4 to 5 Tuition Rates $55/hr to $75/hr
  • JC Year 1 Tuition Rates $80/hr - $110/hr
  • JC Year 2 Tuition Rates $80/hr - $110/hr
Why Choose Us

Six Reasons For People Keep Choosing Us

Quality Matching

Over 20,000+ successful matches throughout Singapore since 2010!

Realistic Hourly Range

Don't get overcharged by hiring tutors who are underqualified for the assignment. Our tutors have plenty of experience and know their reasonable rate!

Experienced Tutors

Over 40,000+ experiecned tutors has registered with Tuition In Singapore! A huge majority of our tutors have 2 years of tutoring experience whether that be private tutoring, tuition centres or MOE teaching experience!

Get Profiles Within 48 Hours

Receive the best tutor profiles from our professional tuition agents within 48 hours of filling up the form!

The Most Trusted Tuition Agency In Singapore

With 12 years of experience as a tuition agency in Singapore, we are always matching students with tutors.

Start Tuition ASAP!

Within 48 hours of the client filling up the Hire Tutor form, we will send tutor profiles to the provided WhatsApp contact number. We will send the best tutor profiles so that the student is able to start tuition ASAP!

People Say The Nicest Things

Here are some of the many happy students/parents and guardians who have hired tutors from the best tuition agency in Singapore

Ms Jane Tuition in Singapore
Ms Claudia

Mother of a student attending CHIJ Toa Payoh

A tuition agent that actually cares about students grades and improvements. Ms Olivia Chan was very nice at every step of the way and managed to help us find a tutor that improved my daughter’s grades from an F to B within just a few months of lessons. Thank you Ms Olivia and Ms HW!

Mr Josh Tuition In Singapore
Mr Gwie

Father of student attending ACS Independent

When my son entered his first year, he was scoring between D’s to C’s. I decided that we should try hiring a tutor to help him. We then reached out to Tuition In Singapore. Within 5 months of lessons with Mr GG my son was scoring B’s to A’s.

Ms Foo Tuition In Singapore
Ms Foo

Mother of a student attending ACJC

Within just 12 hours of me filling up the hire tutor form, I received 7 great tutor profiles! Not only that, I chose one of the tutors and managed to arrange lessons the next week. Thanks to Ms MQ my daughters grades have improve by 3 grades!


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