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The Tuition In Singapore Team

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Olivia Chan
Academic Director,
Tuition In Singapore
King’s College,
Cambridge University (Mathematical Sciences/Applied Mathematics, PhD)

Edward Chong
Head of Math & The Sciences,
Tuition In Singapore
National University of Singapore,
(Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics)

Stephanie Lim
Head of Languages & The Humanities, Tuition In Singapore
Nanyang Technological University-National Institute of Education

Ng Tian Yi
Director of Administration,
Tuition In Singapore
Singapore Management University, Master of Business Administration

Hire The Best Private Tuition Teachers To Improve Your Grades. Guaranteed.

Over 70% of our clients are repeats or referrals. Because we always deliver excellent results. Since 2010.

Please let us know if you are the parent/guardian of the student or if you are a student looking for a tutor
Eg 2 hours each session, twice a week, Mondays anytime from 4pm to 7pm etc
The majority of tutors in Singapore currently prefer to conduct online lessons. Thus, if you are OK with lessons being held online, it is likely that there will be more experienced tutors who apply for your assignment.
If you prefer online lessons, please enter "nil" or "online lessons" thank you
We do not include the name of the students school in our assignment invitation to the tutors. It is only for our information.

A Warm Welcome!

I’m Olivia Chan (PhD, King’s College, Cambridge University – Mathematical Sciences/Applied Mathematics).

I am the Academic Director of Tuition In Singapore, and the team leader of a group of former MOE teachers who serve as tuition consultants and coordinators.

Our 44,000+ professional tutors include graduates, MOE teachers, and undergraduate tuition teachers.

They are familiar with the latest MOE syllabus and exam requirements/techniques.

Each private tuition teacher has home tutoring or teaching experience ranging from two to more than thirty years. 

They have proven track records of helping their students’ grades improve by 10 to 30 marks.

About 20% of our tutors have PhDs or Master’s degrees in the subjects you would like to have tuition in.

Tuition In Singapore is the most admired home tuition agent in Singapore

Over 20 full-time coordinators (they are university graduates/former MOE teachers) help you find the ideal private tuition teacher

Affordable hourly tuition rates, free tutor matching service

Five reasons why parents and students keep choosing us – Best Tuition Agent Singapore

Always excellent feedback and reviews by parents and students

Learn proven techniques that always help you score better during private tuition

Compete against your classmates/cohort – and win

Difficult exam questions – why it’s happening 

Tuition In Singapore provides private tuition for these academic subjects and levels (includes polytechnic and university levels)

Get the best deals when hiring a private tuition teacher

As Singapore's leading tuition agent, we provide reliable tutors to help you to acquire proper study skills, so that you can do well in your exams. You (and your parents) can then have more time to explore your interests outside school work or have more time for leisure

Making the decision to hire a tutor from a tuition agent AND FINDING THE RIGHT ONE can make all the difference in helping you get your grades back on target

tuition agent
tuition agent

Tuition In Singapore is the most reliable home tuition agent in Singapore

With over 44,000 home tutors in our database, we include private tutors in our team only if they have at least 2 years of successful tutoring experience, are university undergraduates, have graduated from recognized universities, are NIE-trained/MOE teachers, have Master's, or PhD in the subject(s) they teach. Your home tutor is familiar with the latest syllabus, marking schemes, and exam requirements.
Parents and students tell us that we are the largest and most dependable tuition agent in Singapore. We have been helping students all across Singapore consistently improve their grades at a fast pace while ensuring that students have a great time learning.

Find the best tutors, and get the best home tuition Singapore with us. Once you fill up the form, our professional team of ex-MOE teachers will send to you the profiles of the most qualified tutors according to your hourly budget range. Within 12 hours.

Tuition In Singapore is the leading tuition agent in Singapore for parents, guardians and students looking for home/private tutors in Singapore. Our services are completely free, and we take pride in successfully matching our clients with the most appropriate and qualified tutors. 
Each of our home tuition teachers has proven track records of helping their students’ grades improve by 10 to 30 marks.

Over 20+ consultants

Our full-time tuition agents/coordinators ensure that you receive quality service for private tuition. We listen attentively to your requirements


Singapore's most experienced and qualified home tuition teachers, by Singapore's top tuition agent

12 hours

You will receive between 4 to over 10 private tuition teacher profiles that exactly match your requirements. Within 24 hours - and often within 12 hours

We Provide Singapore's Most Superior Tutor Matching Service For Free

Online Tuition

Gain the knowledge and skills you need for important exams, or have guidance for your homework/assignments with online private tuition lessons with Tuition In Singapore. Our tutors are so good in teaching online that many students insist that lessons be online!

tuition agent
In -person Tuition

If you prefer face to face private tuition, Tuition In Singapore has over 44,000+ in-person tutors who teach in all locations all across Singapore. We are the best tuition agent for tutors who are highly experienced for in-person and online lessons. This way, you will never be missing out on either option.

Reasonable And Affordable Tutoring Rates

Our private tuition teacher matching service is free, and students only need to pay for lessons that were conducted. 

Private tuition teachers in Singapore decide on their own hourly rates. 

Their charges are typically determined by the number of years of home tutoring experience, the level of education, and the ability and confidence to improve students’ grades.

The private tuition and the tuition agent markets in Singapore are highly competitive and transparent.

Parents are aware that the better-qualified tutors are unlikely to apply for the private tutor assignment when their budget is below the industry average.

The prices listed here represent the typical range of fees charged by seasoned private tuition teachers with a solid track record.

Tuition In Singapore is the sole tuition agent in Singapore that represents only university undergraduates, graduated tutors, MOE teachers, and university lecturers

Part-Time/Undergraduate Tuition Rates

$30-$55 / hour
  • Primary School Tuition Rates $30/hr to $55/hr
  • Secondary School Tuition Rates $35/hr to $55/hr
  • JC Tuition Rates $40/hr - $55/hr
  • IB Tuition Rates $45/hr - $55/hr

Full-Time/Graduated Tuition Rates

$35-$70 / hour
  • Primary School Tuition Rates $35/hr to $55/hr
  • Secondary School Tuition Rates $35/hr to $65/hr
  • JC Year 1 Tuition Rates $45/hr - $70/hr
  • JC Year 2 Tuition Rates $45/hr - $70/hr
  • IB Tuition Rates $55/hr - $70/hr

Ex/Current MOE/NIE Tuition Rates

$50-$110 / hour
  • Primary School Tuition Rates $50/hr to $65/hr
  • Secondary 1 to 3 Tuition Rates $55/hr to $75/hr
  • Secondary 4 to 5 Tuition Rates $55/hr to $75/hr
  • JC Year 1 Tuition Rates $80/hr - $110/hr
  • JC Year 2 Tuition Rates $80/hr - $110/hr
Why Choose Us

Five Reasons Why Parents And Students Keep Choosing Us - The Best Tuition Agent In Singapore

Quality Matching

Over 70% of our tutors are graduated tutors. Over 20% of them have a Master's, PhD or are NIE-trained/MOE teachers.

Realistic Hourly Range

Don't get overcharged hiring private tuition teachers who are underqualified for the assignment. Our home tuition teachers have plenty of experience, and quote the hourly rate that other parents are paying them.

Experienced Tutors

Over 44,000+ qualified tutors have registered with Tuition In Singapore. They have at least 2 years of tutoring experience, whether that is in private tutoring, tuition centres or MOE teaching experience.

Get Profiles Within 12 Hours

Receive the best private tuition teacher profiles from our professional tuition agents within 12 hours of filling up the form. As Singapore's largest tuition agent with over 44,000 experienced tutors, we can show you profiles of accomplished home tutor Singapore tuition teachers within 12 hours.

The Most Trusted Tuition Agent In Singapore

Since 2010, parents and students have entrusted their academic success to us, because our private tuition teachers give clear explanations, and are committed to helping students gain 10 to 30 marks for their exams.

People Say The Nicest Things

Here are some of the many happy students/parents and guardians who have hired private tutors from the most respected tuition agent in Singapore

Koh Xin Yu

Victoria Junior College

Both my parents are lawyers, and want me to take up Law after I finish my A Levels. JC History tuition immediately came to mind once I got my first B. I need to get straight A’s for my A Levels. Even though I had an A for my O Levels, I found that History was more difficult in junior college. Ms Seah taught at tuition centres for over 10 years. She is very familiar with how I should answer the variety of questions that come up for the exams.

Mr Pang


Steven was not doing well from the time he started learning Geography. We had already hired 2 other tutors for him from Tuition In Singapore, and he likes them. We found Mr Alistair, and he has been Steven’s Geography tuition teacher for almost a year. About a month after Geography tuition started, Steven became more interested and involved in studying Geography. I’m glad we found a very good tuition agent.

Madam Banu


My husband and I do not know how to teach Ajeetha how to improve in Econs because both of us are in the medical equipment sector. We hired Ms Faidah, who has a PhD in Economics. We want to be sure that the Economics tuition that is teaching Ajeetha has the ability to teach complicated concepts correctly, otherwise Ajeetha would lose marks for her A Level exam. Ms Faidah is very experienced and has held many intellectual discussions with Ajeetha, who was studying at Raffles Institution.

Wen Qi Kee

Cedar Girls’ Secondary School

One of the best things I learnt because of studying Geography is how to analyze data that is determined to be factual. Being able to analyze is not an issue, but being able to find information from official sources is really critical. Otherwise, the results from the analysis goes all over the place, and ends up wrong. Mr Sim is my Geography tuition teacher, and he always reminded me to check and check again.

Yu Xun Heng

Jurong Pioneer Junior College

I am trying to decide if I should major in Accounting or Econs when I enter university. I am strong in both subjects. My parents figured it is better that I am guided by someone who knows the subject well, so that I can decide by the time the A Level results are out, which course I should take. Mr Brandon has a Master’s in Econs from NUS. I am very inspired by his knowledge. I decided that I want to study in Econs at uni, and maybe eventually get a PhD in it.

Andre Lee

St Gabriel’s Secondary School

During every History class in school, I could feel the dust settling on me whenever we covered events that happened long before I was born. I didn’t hate History, but I didn’t like it either. And my grades showed. I started having History tuition when even I got worried about how badly I was doing. Mr Cheong is very humorous. His funny stories have helped me remember key events and why they occurred. Assessment questions are more manageable now

Learn Effective Study Techniques

Our home tuition teachers are familiar with the most recent MOE syllabus, exam requirements and marking schemes. Each tutoring session is customized to fit your learning preferences, homework objectives, and desired exam grades.

Optimum Tutor Matches

We will present private tuition teacher profiles to you only when they have a strong track record of helping their students’ grades improve by 10 to 30 marks.

Accurate Matches By Singapore's Top Tuition Agent

The experienced full-time tuition coordinators who are in charge of your home tuition assignment hold Bachelor’s degrees from the best local universities and had attended good junior colleges themselves. They majored in the same subject that you are seeking private tuition in.

Tuition In Singapore is therefore able to meticulously look for the qualities that a competent private tutor must possess for tuition home, in order for us to consider shortlisting him/her for your private tutoring assignment.

You can perform better than your competitors after effective private tuition teachers guide you in the correct exam techniques and study skills

Compete Against Your Classmates/Cohort - And Win

We live in a hyper-competitive world. Even if you don’t want to proactively compete, others do.

And the truth remains that you are in competition against a large number of students from your school and from other schools for the same desired courses and spots at universities.

Demand will always outpace supply for the top (or better) academic institutions, classes, and courses.

Students with average grades sometimes enroll in less prestigious universities and majors.

Being in certain academic tracks often determines one’s career choices and opportunities, which in turn eventually affects the types of lifestyles we are able to lead.

Difficult Exam Questions - Why It's Happening

More and more students are able to correctly answer increasingly harder questions year after year. 

You are likely to have come across questions that were much easier in the Ten Year Series than what students from other top schools are required to answer in their exams in recent months. 

Because so many students are able to answer challenging questions, the creators of exams at schools/SEAB/MOE are forced to include increasingly more difficult questions in order to distinguish between the top and the average students in each cohort.

As a result, when it is your turn to take the exam, the questions will be substantially harder.

In a way, it’s a vicious circle. Parents want to hire qualified private tutors to better prepare their children to compete against their peers since everyone is concerned that the exam questions will be more complex when it is their turn to take the exam. The students work harder in class and during tuition, and succeed in getting good grades.

Because the students were so well-prepared and achieve good results for the exams, the exam papers and results are then scrutinized.

After the exam papers and results are analyzed, it is determined that the questions are too simple because the students were so well-prepared and, on the whole, received decent grades as a result of hiring competent home tutors.

This then makes it necessary that the questions for the following year be increasingly harder in order for the exams to be able to distinguish who should get A’s or B’s.

And this makes it much more important for parents to hire effective private tutors in order for their children to catch up sufficiently.

Parents will do all in their power (as loving parents) to give their children that competitive edge because the goal is to do better than the other person rather than just to obtain a specific grade.

Also, it’s not just about keeping up with other children with better grades, but also to make sure their kids don’t feel “stupid’’ or “left out’’ and end up really hating the subject just because others are so good at it.

For many students, the most effective confidence builders are good grades.

Get a private teacher who can focus on your child’s areas of weakness.

Encourage your child not to fall behind. It’s is crucial for their future.

tuition agent
tuition agent
tuition agent13

As Singapore's Top Tuition Agent, We Provide Private Tutors In:

  • Primary School Social Studies Tuition
  • Secondary School Social Studies Tuition
  • Secondary School Geography Tuition
  • Secondary School History Tuition
  • GCE O Levels Social Studies Tuition
  • GCE O Levels Geography Tuition
  • GCE O Levels History Tuition
  • GCE A Levels H1 Geography Tuition
  • GCE A Levels H2 Geography Tuition
  • GCE A Levels H3 Geography Tuition
  • GCE A Levels H1 History Tuition
  • GCE A Levels H2 History Tuition
  • GCE A Levels H3 History Tuition
  • GCE A Levels H1 Economics Tuition
  • GCE A Levels H2 Economics Tuition
  • GCE A Levels H3 Economics Tuition
  • Junior College History Tuition
  • Junior College Geography Tuition
  • Junior College Economics Tuition
  • Integrated Programme Social Studies Tuition
  • Integrated Programme Geography Tuition
  • Integrated Programme History Tuition
  • Integrated Programme Economics Tuition

Tuition In Singapore has a select team of highly qualified tutors who specialize in tutoring Polytechnic-Level and University-Level students


Primary School Tuition Agent

Secondary School Tuition Agent

Junior College Tuition Agent

Polytechnic Modules Tuition Agent

University Modules Tuition Agent


PSLE Tuition Agent

GCE O Level Tuition Agent

GCE A Level Tuition Agent

Get The Best Deals When Hiring A Private Tuition Teacher From Singapore's Best Tuition Agent

Three easy ways to ensure successful grade improvement:

Reduce Tutoring Requirements

The availability of private tuition teachers and their qualifications affect tuition costs. 

The more requirements you have, the harder it is to find a tutor who will respond to your assignment.

The usual specifications include things like gender, a mix of subjects, a budget, a schedule, etc.

You should shortlist the requirements that are most crucial to you.

For instance, if you only want female private tuition teachers, your options are cut in half.

It is also a good idea to hire two different tutors to teach two distinct subjects, even if they themselves scored As in both of the subjects you require tuition for. 

This is because most tuition teachers are really skilled at teaching just one subject.

Major National Exams

Higher hourly fees are often quoted by private tuition teachers who specialize in or have extensive experience teaching students preparing for the high-stakes PSLE, GCE O Levels, and GCE A Levels.

This is because there has to be a lot of work put into exam preparation, material revision, and, if necessary, getting the student to unlearn study habits that have been resulting in poor grades in past years.

Good private tuition teachers typically avoid teaching graduating-year students after the March holidays since they will need to rush and  intensely cram a lot of material within a short period of time in order to appropriately prepare the student.

Parents therefore prefer to choose a dependable private tuition teacher at least a year before the important National Examinations.


We encourage our clients to be realistic with the tuition budget that they would like to work within.

The hourly private tuition rates are neither regulated nor changed by Tuition In Singapore.

Tutors with proven track records that consistently deliver A grades, tuition teachers with many years of experience, and MOE teachers are already accepting assignments within a certain hourly rate.

These private tuition teachers are unlikely to accept prices lower their existing rates due to the constant high demand for their services and waiting lists.

Every year, students rely on Tuition In Singapore because we help them, their siblings, and their friends get better grades.
What sets us apart from other tuition services is our ability to carefully and professionally match you with the perfect private tuition teacher

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